Prof. Amit Kohn

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Department : Department of Materials Engineering
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  • Ph.D. 1999 – 2003 - Technion: Materials Engineering
  • M.Sc. - 1994 – 1997 - Technion: Materials Engineering
  • B.A., B.Sc. - 1989 – 1993 - Technion: Physics, Materials Engineering

Research Interests

  • My research activities focus on magnetic materials used for information storage. My aim is to relate between material structure (crystallographic, chemical and electronic) and the magneto-transport properties of the device.
  • The materials characterization is achieved mostly by analytical and high-resolution transmission electron microscopy. In addition, Lorentz electron microscopy is used in order to image the micromagnetic structure at the nanometer scale.
  • In recent years, I have focused on MgO-based magnetic tunnel junctions; exchange-bias ; amorphous ferromagnetic thin films; Heusler alloys ; development of Lorentz TEM methodologies for magnetic imaging.