Prof. Jaime Wisniak

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Professor Emeritus

Professor Emeritus

Department : Department of Chemical Engineering
Room : 212
59 - בנין הנדסת חומרים והנדסת כימיה ע"ש פוסטר
Phone : 972-8-6461479
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  • Ph.D.: 1960, Purdue University, USA; Professor, Chair 1970

Research Interests

  • Thermodynamics. phase equilibrium. vapor-liquid equilibrium. behavior of gases at high pressures. Joule-Thomson effect of gas mixtures. Jojoba oil and derivatives.

Research Projects

  • Vapor-liquid equilibrium in binary and ternary mixtures, particularly gasoline components and oxygenates like MTBE, ETBE, tetrahydrofuran, and diisopropyl ether.Supercritical gas extraction of natural products from algae and others: astaxanthin, cholesterol, etc.Synergism in the Joule-Thomson effect of gas mixtures, historiographia.

Research Abstract

  • Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium of Gasoline Components and Oxy-genates Experimental determination of vapor-liquid equilib-rium and modeling of synthetic gasoline mixtures containing oxygenates like MTBE, ETBE, TAME, DIPE, THF, etc. Study of the behavior of unleaded gasolines. Behavior of pure gases and mixtures and high pressures A multiple purpose research project involving the Joule-Thomson effect of gas mixtures, and description of supercritical extrac-tion operations. Can the Joule-Thomson effect of a gas mixture present a synergistic effect where the behavior of the mixture is more intensive that the linear combination of the effects of the pure components? Possibility of multiple phase appearance in solid-gas equilibrium. Conditions for phase stability.