Prof. Eli Korin

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Professor Emeritus

Professor Emeritus

Department : Department of Chemical Engineering
Room : 320
59 - בנין הנדסת חומרים והנדסת כימיה ע"ש פוסטר
Phone : 972-8-6472760
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  • Ph.D.: 1982, Ben Gurion Univ. of the Negev; Associate Pro-fessor 1998.

Research Interests

  • Crystallization: measurement of solid-liquid equilibrium, nucleation and crystal growth in solutions and in amorphous materials. Energy storage: thermal energy storage in phase change materials and in unsaturated soils for application in solar green-house. Drying: theoretical and experimental studies of heat and mass transfer in solid desiccant materials for air drying. Pervaporation: pervaporation processes through hollow-fiber membranes, extraction by supercritical fluid.

Research Projects

  • Humidity control in closed greenhouses based on hydrophilic hollow fibers, Funding: Israel Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure & Ministry of Agriculture. A solar system for improvement of climate in greenhouses, Funding: Ministry of Agriculture.