General Information
NameProf. David Shinar
DepartmentDepartment of Industrial Engineering and Management
Academic RankProfessor Emeritus
FunctionProfessor Emeritus, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management



B.A.      1968, Psychology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

M.A.     1970, Experimental Psychology, The Ohio State University

Ph.D.    1973, Human Performance/Human Factors Engineering (Depts. of Psychology and Industrial Engineering), The Ohio State University


Research Interests


Highway safety: driver behavior, driver vision and information processing, accident analysis.

Industrial safety: hazard perception, accident analysis

Applied perception and visual search. Ergonomics: equipment/display design,human computer interaction, human reliability and information processing.


Research Projects


Target detection and cueing in complex visual fields.Vehicle aids for maintaining safe headways. Alcohol drugs and driving. Symbolic highway signs: cultural and ergonomic factors in comprehension Aggressive driving: idividual differences and situational factors. Fatigue in driving: onset cues and utility of alertness maintaining tasks. Medical decision making under conditions of uncertainty and overload.

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