Dr. miriam amiram

Dr. miriam amiram Profile

Senior lecturer
phd, 2012

Department : Department of Biotechnology Engineering
Room : 206
בניין להנדסת ביוטכנולוגיה, ע"ש משפחת גוזיק - 42
Phone : 972-74-7795333
Email : mamiram@bgu.ac.il
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B.A. 1999, Ben-Gurion University. Israel. Economics and Computer Science

M.A. 2003, Ben-Gurion University. Israel. Economics

M.Sc. 2007, Ben-Gurion University. Israel. Biotechnology Engineering

Ph.D. 2012, Duke University. USA. Biomedical Engineering

Research Interests

Synthetic biology, unnatural amino-acid incorporation, protein evolution, functional biomaterial design, drug design and delivery.

Publications and funding summary / representative publications and grants

Amiram, M., A.D. Haimovich, C. Fan, Y.S. Wang, H.R. Aerni, I. Ntai, D.W. Moonan, N.J. Ma, A.J.

Rovner, S.H. Hong, N.L. Kelleher, A.L. Goodman, M.C. Jewett, D. Soll, J. Rinehart, and F.J. Isaacs,

Evolution of translation machinery in recoded bacteria enables multi-site incorporation of nonstandard

amino acids. Nature Biotechnology, 2015. 33(12): p. 1272-1279. 


Amiram, M., K.M. Luginbuhl, X.H. Li, M.N. Feinglos, and A. Chilkoti, Injectable protease-operated

depots of glucagon-like peptide-1 provide extended and tunable glucose control. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences U S A, 2013. 110(8): p. 2792-2797.


Amiram, M., K.M. Luginbuhl, X. Li, M.N. Feinglos, and A. Chilkoti, A depot-forming glucagon-like

peptide-1 fusion protein reduces blood glucose for five days with a single injection. Journal of

Controlled Release, 2013. 172(1): p. 144-151.


Amiram, M.*, F.G. Quiroz*, D.J. Callahan, and A. Chilkoti, A highly parallel method for synthesizing

DNA repeats enables the discovery of 'smart' protein polymers. Nature Materials, 2011. 10(2): p. 141 148. *co-first authors.