Prof. Miron Landau

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Professor Emeritus

Department : Department of Chemical Engineering
Room : 214
בנין הנדסת חומרים והנדסת כימיה ע"ש  פוסטר - 59
Phone : 972-8-6472141
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  • M.Sc 1970 Moscow State University, Chemical Faculty
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Title of Thesis:”Adsorption and catalytic properties of
  • Phosphoglucomutase on silica support” (Advisor:
  • Prof. O.M.Poltorak)
  • D.Sc. 1977 Moscow State University, Chemical Faculty,
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Title of Thesis: “ Effect of zeolite type and modification on
  • activity and sulfur resistance of Pd-zeolite catalysts in
  • aromatics hydrogenation” (Advisor: Dr.V.Ya. Kruglikov)

Research Interests

  • Development and characterization of novel catalytic materials: refractory oxides with tailored texture parameters and modified surface chemistry, zeolite nanocrystals, stabilized in mesoporous matrix, mesoporous molecular sieves with tailored structure, pore size, and surface chemical functionality, catalytic phases dispersions located inside the nanotubes of mesoporous silicas and carbons, anchored molecular catalysts etc. Efficient heterogeneous catalysts compositions and their preparation methods for petroleum refining processes, petrochemostry and production of fine chemicals.