Prof. Moshe Gottlieb

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Professor Emeritus

Professor Emeritus

Department : Department of Chemical Engineering
Room : 216
59 - בנין הנדסת חומרים והנדסת כימיה ע"ש פוסטר
Phone : 972-8-6461486
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  • B.Sc. : 1973 (Cum Laude) Chemical Engineering , Technion, Israel
  • Ph.D. : 1978 Chemical Engineering (Minor: Polymer Rheology) University of Wisconsin-Madison ,Prof. 1991.

Research Interests

  • Rheology. Polymer solution and suspensions. Polymerphysicscrosslinked systems, structure-property relations. Molecular organization in supramolecular systems. Gelation phenomenon.

Research Projects

  • Computer simulations of rod-like systems, funding: LANL.Criticalphenomena in gelation processes, funding: Basic Sci. Fn. Ultrasonic methods in characterization of cuning processes, funding: US-Israel BSF. Novel products from Guayule rubber, funding: CDR-AID. Brominated polymers, funding: BromineCompounds.