Prof. David Shinar

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Professor Emeritus

Professor Emeritus

Department : Department of Industrial Engineering and Management
Room : 167
בנין המחלקה להנדסת תעשייה וניהול - 16
Phone : 972-8-6472215
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  • B.A. 1968, Psychology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • M.A. 1970, Experimental Psychology, The Ohio State University
  • Ph.D. 1973, Human Performance/Human Factors Engineering (Depts. of Psychology and Industrial Engineering), The Ohio State University

Research Interests

  • Highway safety: driver behavior, driver vision and information processing, accident analysis.
  • Industrial safety: hazard perception, accident analysis
  • Applied perception and visual search. Ergonomics: equipment/display design,human computer interaction, human reliability and information processing.

Research Projects

  • Target detection and cueing in complex visual fields.Vehicle aids for maintaining safe headways. Alcohol drugs and driving. Symbolic highway signs: cultural and ergonomic factors in comprehension Aggressive driving: idividual differences and situational factors. Fatigue in driving: onset cues and utility of alertness maintaining tasks. Medical decision making under conditions of uncertainty and overload.
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