Dr. Idan Cohen

Dr. Idan Cohen Profile

Senior lecturer

Department : Shraga Segal Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Genetics
Room : 317
39-בניין המכון הלאומי לביוטכנולוגיה בנגב
Phone : 972-8-6477593
Email : idancoh@post.bgu.ac.il
Office Hours :  

Research Topics

  • Epigenetic regulation of epithelial cell-fate commitment & differentiation
  • The role of epigenetic regulators in human skin diseases and skin cancer
  • Epidermal reprogramming & epidermal tissue regeneration

Major expertise and techniques in the lab

  • Skin Biology
  • Epigenetics
  • Chromatin regulation

Publications and funding summary / representative publications and grants

  • Cohen, I., Birnbaum, R.Y., Leibson, K., Taube, R., Sivan, S. & Birk, O.S. (2012) ZNF750 is expressed in differentiated keratinocytes and regulates epidermal late differentiation genes. PLoS One 7, e42628.
  • Cohen, I., Zhao, D., Bar, C., Valdes, V.J., Dauber-Decker, K.L., Nguyen, M.B., Nakayama, M., Rendl, M., Bickmore, W.A., Koseki, H., Zheng, D. & Ezhkova, E. (2018) PRC1 Fine-tunes Gene Repression and Activation to Safeguard Skin Development and Stem Cell Specification. Cell Stem Cell 22, 726-739 e7.
  • Nguyen, M.B*., Cohen, I*., Kumar, V., Xu, Z., Bar, C., Dauber-Decker, K.L., Tsai, P.C., Marangoni, P., Klein, O.D., Hsu, Y.C., Chen, T., Mikkola, M.L. & Ezhkova, E. (2018) FGF signalling controls the specification of hair placode-derived SOX9 positive progenitors to Merkel cells. Nat Commun 9, 2333. *These authors contributed equally
  • Cohen, I., Zhao, D., Menon, G., Nakayama, M., Koseki, H., Zheng, D. & Ezhkova, E. (2019) PRC1 preserves epidermal tissue integrity independently of PRC2. Genes Dev 33, 55-60

Ongoing Grants:
ICRF: 2020RCDA-0000000005;  2021-2023; “Polycomb repressive complex 1 and histone H2AK119 mono-ubiquitination in skin cancer”

Existing collaborations

  • Prof. Eldad Silberstein, Department of Plastic Surgery, Soroka University Medical Center; “Epigenetic regulation in squamous cell carcinoma”
  • Dr. Elena Ezhkova, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai; “Role of Polycomb complexes in epidermal commitment, development, and disease”