Prof. Natalya Bilenko

Prof. Natalya Bilenko Profile

Associate Professor
M.D. 1988, MPH 2000, Ph.D. 211

Head of Department

Department : Public Health
Room : 516
בנין משרדי רפואה ע"ש אליה
Phone : 972-8-6477461
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epidemiology, environmental health, community health, infants, bedouin


  • 1988 Medical School: Tashkent (MD); Epidemiology:Department of Epidemiology and Evaluation of Health Services, Faculty of Health Sciences, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Faculty of Health Sciences (M.Med.Sc.); Hebrew University-Hadassah School of Public Health and Community Medicine, Jerusalem, (MPH).

Research Interests

Research Topics

  • Air pollution and health outcomes (adverse pregnancy outcome, childhood hypertension, cardiovascular and total mortality)
  • Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in Bedouin population
  • Iron deficiency anemia and other micronutrient deficiencies in pregnancy, infancy and childhood iv. PKU, hypothyroidism and other metabolic diseases in newborns v. Infant Mortality- trends, risk factors, community-based intervention programs vi. Pregnancy screening for genetic diseases in the Bedouin population

Major expertise and techniques in the lab

  • Planning, implementation and evaluation of projects on environmental epidemiology (outdoor chemical plants- and transport-related air pollution)
  • Epidemiological and statistical methods for planning population-based observational, experimental and intervention studies in the field of perinatal epidemiology
  • Planning, implementation and evaluation of community intervention programs in health promotion field

Publications and funding summary / representative publications and grants

  • Published more than 40 per-reviewed papers and more than 60 international conference presentations Grants awarded by Israeli National Committee of Health Promotion, Goldman Committee, Fund of Chief Scientist of Israeli Ministry of Health, Israel Institute for Health Policy.

Existing collaborations

  • Prof. Bert Brunekreef , Director of Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences, Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands; Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care, University Medical Center Utrecht.
  • Prof. Ilana Shoam – Vardi, Epidemiology and Health Services Evaluation, BGU
  • Dr. Shlomo Almashanu , Director of the Sigi and Marilyn Ziering Israel National Center for Newborn Screening at the Sheba Medical Center . iv. Dr. Daniella Landau , Department of Neonatology, Soroka University Medical Center v. Dr. Ohad S. Birk, Director of Genetics Institute, Soroka University Medical Center vi. Prof. Michael Friger, Epidemiology and Health Evaluation Services, BGU vii. Prof Itamar Grotto, Head of Public Health Services, Israeli Ministry of Health

Suggested multi-disciplinary research project / research focus topics

  • Environmental exposures and health effects (clinical medicine, epidemiology, statistics including use of regression models)
  • Perinatal Epidemiology