Prof. Yaacov Bachner

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Associate Professor
PhD, 2005

Head of Program

Department : Public Health
Gerontology and the Study of Aging
Room : 309
בנין משרדי רפואה ע"ש אליה - M7
Phone : 972-8-6477425
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  • B.A. - 1988-1990, Bar-Ilan University, Department of Psychology, Ramat Gan, Israel (with distinction).
  • M.A. - 1995-1997, Bar-Ilan University, Department of Sociology (Organizational), Ramat Gan, Israel. Name of advisors: Prof. M. Harrison and Dr. D. Rier Title of thesis: Burnout among therapists working with drug addicts: A comparison between two different organizational frameworks for therapy-an open versus a closed one.
  • Ph.D.- 2000-2005, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Department of Sociology of Health, Faculty of Health Sciences, Beer-Sheva, Israel. Name of advisor: Prof. S. Carmel Title of dissertation: A model for explaining caregiving outcomes among informal caregivers of old cancer patients who died in two different settings of health services. 2004- Visiting scholar for the summer semester at the Gerontology Research Centre, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada. Research on caregiving and measurement, under the supervision of Prof. N. O'Rourke.

Research Interests

  • Informal care giving

Research Topics

  • Informal caregiving (cancer, Alzheimer, CVA, HIV/AIDS)
  • Physician-patient relations (medical communication, medical education, satisfaction with
  • and trust in physicians and health services)
  • Methodology

Publications and funding summary / representative publications and grants

  • O'Rourke, N., Carmel, S., Chaudhury, H., Polchenko, N., & Bachner, Y.G. A Cross-National Comparison of Reminiscence Functions between Canadian and Israeli Older Adults. Journal of Gerontology: Psychological Sciences (Accepted), 2012.
  • Bachner, Y.G., Yosef-Sela, N., & Carmel, S. Open communication with terminal cancer
  • patients about illness and death: A comparison between spouses of Ashkenazim and
  • Sephardim ethnic origins. Cancer Nursing (Accepted), 2012.

Existing collaborations

  • Norm O’Rourke (Simon Fraser University) – Reminiscence among Holocaust survivors
  • Victoria Raveis (New-York University) – Physician’s communication with persons with HIV/AIDS
  • Tova Band-Wintershtein (Haifa University) – Informal caregiving among ultra-Orthodox Jews
  • Yossi Azouri (Maccabi Health Services) – Predictors of adherence among diabetic patients
  • Suggested multi-disciplinary research project / focus topics:
  • -Psycho-social aspects of health and illness
  • -Formal and informal caregiving

Suggested multi-disciplinary research project / research focus topics

  • Psycho-social aspects of health and illness
  • Formal and informal caregiving