Dr. Daniel Gitler

Dr. Daniel Gitler Profile

Senior lecturer
PhD: 1999

Department : Physiology and Cell Biology
Room : 438A
בנין מעבדות מחקר רפואה ע"ש דייכמן - פלאם
Phone : 972-8-6479422
Email : gitler@bgu.ac.il
Office Hours :  
physiology, neurobiology, neurons, synapse, neuron, plasticity, fluorescence microscopy, frap, fret, brain

Research Topics

  • Structure and function of the presynaptic terminal in CNS neurons
  • Linkage between endocytosis and activity-dependent synaptic vesicle mobilization
  • Basis for functionalvariability of presynaptic terminals of GABAergic neurons
  • Mechanisms underlying epileptogenesis in synapsin triple knockout mice

Publications and funding summary / representative publications and grants

  • Orenbuch, A. et al. (2012) Inhibition of exocytosis and endocytosis blocks activity depedent redisribution of synapsin. J. of Neurochemistry (Q1), 120: 248-258.
  • Orenbch A., et al. 2012. Synapsin selectively controls the mobility of resting pool vesicles at hippocampal terminals. J. of Neuroscience (Q1), 32: 3969-3980.
  • Ketzef M., and Gitler D. (2012). Epileptic synaapsin triple knockout mice exhibit progressive long-term aberrant plasticity in the entorhinal cortex.Cerebral Cortex (Q1) (in press).

Existing collaborations

  • Alon Friedman
  • Ester Priel
  • Ariel Moran

Suggested multi-disciplinary research project / research focus topics

  • Mechanisms of secretion (not necessarily neuronal)

Looking for expertise / project

  • Single cell gene expression, expertise in control of protein expression, in vitro expression of proteins

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