Prof. Nadav Davidovitch

Prof. Nadav Davidovitch Profile

M.D. 1995, Ph.D. 2004
Residency: Epidemiology and Public Health

School Director

Department : Health Systems Management
Health Policy
Room : 303
בנין משרדי רפואה ע"ש אליה
Phone : 972-8-6477419
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Health policy, Public health


  • B.A. 1992 - 95 - Tel Aviv University- Philosophy, Magna cum Laude
  • M.D. 1988 - 95 - Tel Aviv University - Medical School Prof. Nechama Linder Thesis Title: Thyroid Function in Preterm: The Influence of Iodine Containing Disinfectants
  • Ph.D. 1997 - 2004 - Tel Aviv University – History of Science Prof. Allan Brandt (Harvard University), Prof. Eva Jablonka, Dr. Moshe Zuckerman Thesis Title: Framing Scientific Medicine: The Relationship between Homeopathy and Conventional Medicine in the US, 1870-1930
  • M.P.H - 2001-2005 - Ben Gurion University, Epidemiology (Health System Management Track) Prof. Lechaim Naggan, Prof. Shifra Shvarts Thesis Title: Health status and Patterns of Use of Health Services among Recent Immigrants from the Former Soviet Union and Ethiopia Residency in Public Health - 2000 - 2005 – Epidemiology Section, Israeli Defense Forces

Research Interests

  • Environmental Health Policy, Health and Immigration, Vaccination Policy and Resistance to Vaccination, Public Health Ethics, STD epidemiology and prevention, Social and historical aspects of Complementary and Alternative medicine in the US and Israel

Research Topics

  • Health policy (main topics: health inequalities, immigration)
  • Public Health (main topics: infectious diseases, environmental health)
  • Public health ethics

Major expertise and techniques in the lab

  • Social epidemiology, environmental epidemiology
  • Qualitative methods

Publications and funding summary / representative publications and grants

  • Davidovitch, N. PI, and R. Zalashik. PI 2011. Gender and Mental Health. Iyunim Bitkumat Israel, Thematic Series - Gender in Israel; 2: 306-335 [in Hebrew].
  • Davidovitch, N. PI, Levine, H PI. and S. Rishpon C. 2011. Preventing Mumps Outbreaks in Confined Settings. Human Vaccines; 7: 1-5. (8 citations; IF 3.643; 36/165; Q1).
  • Vashitz, G. PI, Davidovitch, N. PI and J.S. Pliskin. PI 2011. Second Medical Opinions. Harefuah; 150: 105-110, 207  [in Hebrew]. (5 citations)
  • Gottlieb, N. S, Filc, D. PI and N. Davidovitch. PI 2012. Humanitarian Practices vs. Human Rights Advocacy: The Case of the Israeli Open Clinic. Social Science and Medicine; 74: 839-845. (10 citations; IF 2.558; 41/162; Q1).
  • Negev, M. PI, Davidovitch, N. PI, Levine, H., Bhatia C, R. and J. Mindell C. 2012. Integration of Health and Environment through Health Impact Assessment: Cases from Three Continents. Environmental Research; 114: 60-7. (6 citations; IF 3.951; 21/216; Q1).
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  • Zalashik, R. PI and N. Davidovitch. PI 2012. Bioethics in the Shadow of the Holocaust: A Comparative Perspective. Theory and Criticism; 40 (in Hebrew).
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  • Greenfield, G. PI, Pliskin, J.S. PI, Wientroub, S. and N. Davidovitch PI. 2012. Orthopedic surgeons' and neurologists' attitudes towards second opinions in the Israeli healthcare system: A qualitative study. Israeli Journal of Health Policy Research; 1:30. (3 citations; IF 1.25; 46/70; Q3).
  • Levine, H. PI, Ankol, O., Davidovitch, N C., Aboudy, Y., Zarka, S. and R. Balicer. 2012. Rubella seroprevalence in the first birth cohort reaching fertility age after 20 years of two dose universal vaccination policy in Israel. Vaccine; 30: 7260-4. (1 citations; IF 3.485; 53/144; Q2).
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  • Filc, D PI., Ziv, H C. and N. Davidovitch PI. 2014. Palestinian Prisoners’ Hunger Strikes in Israeli Prisons: Beyond the Dual Loyalty Dilemma in Medical Practice and Patient Care. Public Health Ethics. doi:10.1093/phe/phu021. (1 citations; IF 1.269; 13/50; Q2)
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  • Vered OS, Simon-Tuval PI, Yagupsky CI, Malul M, Cicurel A, Davidovitch N PI, PLoS One. 2015 Dec 15;10(12) (0 citations, IF 3.23; Q1)

Existing collaborations

  • Dani Filc - Health, space, occupation and health
  • Joseph Plishkin, Gev Vashitz - Medical second opinion consultations

Suggested multi-disciplinary research project / research focus topics

  • Agriculture workers exposure to pesticides
  • Brucellosis control in the Negev

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