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The Age-Phenome Knowledge-base (APK), models and stores knowledge about age-related phenotypic patterns and events. The APK contains evidence connecting specific ages or age groups with phenotypes, such as disease and clinical traits. Using text mining techniques instances of age-phenotype associations where extracted from over 1.5 million journal abstracts. In addition, links between age and phenotype were extracted from clinical data obtained from the NHANES III survey.

The knowledge stored in APK is made available for user via two platforms:

The Age-Phenome Wiki was developed as a means to share the knowledge stored in the APK and to collect community edits. In this wiki, for each specific age there is an Age-Card which contains the information (found in the APK) linked to that age.

The APK data browser is a user-friendly graphical interface which allows na´ve users to query the knowledge stored in APK. This tool does not require the user to have any prior knowledge of query languages. The data browser allows users to conduct three types of queries. 1) Search for evidence by age, 2) search for evidence by phenotype and 3) search for evidence by age and phenotype. Queries can be refined by publication year, publication type (e.g. research article, review etc.), human curation, relationship type and gender.

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The files and scripts used for this project can be found here

Created by Nophar Geifman & Eitan Rubin