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The Medical Systems Biology Lab - Publications

  • Geifman N. and Rubin E. (2013) "The Mouse Age Phenome Knowledgebase and Disease-Specific Inter-Species Age Mapping" PloS one

  • Geifman N., Cohen R. and Rubin E. (2013) "Redefining meaningful age groups in the context of disease" AGE

  • Geifman N. and Rubin E. (2012) "The Age-Phenome Database" SpringerPlus

  • Geifman N. and Rubin E. (2011) "Towards an Age-Phenome Knowledge-base" BMC Bioinformatics

  • Zhidkov I., Cohen R., Geifman N., Mishmar D. and Rubin E. (2010) "CHILD: a new tool for detecting low-abundance insertions and deletions in standard sequence traces" Nucl. Acids Res.

  • Rubin E., Gordon M., Sergienko R., Ragolsky M., Lunenfeld E. and Sheiner E. (2010) "Ethnic differences in age-related changes of postpartum hemoglobin levels." Archives of gynecology and obstetrics

  • Geifman, N., Monsonego, A. and Rubin, E. (2010) "The Neural/Immune Gene Ontology: clipping the Gene Ontology for neurological and immunological systems" BMC Bioinformatics

  • Zhidkov, I., Livneh, E. A., Rubin, E.* and Mishmar, D.* (2009) "mtDNA mutation pattern in tumors and human evolution are shaped by similar selective constraints" Genome Research

  • Fliss, A. Ragolsky, M. and Rubin, E. (2008) "Reverse Translational Bioinformatics: A Bioinformatics Assay Of Age, Gender And Clinical Biomarkers" Proceedings of the first AMIA summit on translational bioinformatics.

  • Ner-Gaon, H., Leviatan N., Rubin E. and Fluhr, R. (2007) "Comparative cross-species alternative splicing in plants" Plant Physiology 144:1632-1641

  • Broderick, G. and Rubin, E. (2006) "The Realistic Modeling of Biological Systems: A Workshop Synopsis" ComPlexUs 3(4): 217-230

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  • Shachak A, Ophir R and Rubin E. (2005) .Applying Instructional-Design Theories to Bioinformatics Education:Development of Conditions of Learning-Based Microarray Analysis and Primer Design Workshops.. Cell Biology Education 4(3): 199-206

  • Stas Shteinbook, Avraham Melkin and Eitan Rubin (2006) EtSim: a population genetics simulation IBS 2006 (poster)

  • * Equal contribution