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How to use?


1. Gene query - basic information about the gene

2. Query syndrome - CS* information of the syndrome and a link to find it's related syndromes.

3. Find related genes - finding related genes using a query set of genes with the ability of choosing (filtering) an area of the genome (using genes, SNP's or chromosome and physical location) as the place to look for related genes (good for linkage studies).

4. Cross syndromes - finding related syndromes using a set of chosen syndromes.

5. Query tree - going over the MeSH entries tree to look for syndromes having CS related to them.

6. Build syndrome - build an artificial syndrome which is a group of selected CS phrases found in the database and find its related syndromes (good for unknown or new syndromes and also for reducing the phenotypes from a known syndrome).

* CS - Clinical Synopsis (OMIM phenotypes)