Our research focuses on the interrelations between the structure, nanomechanics and function of large biological complexes. Currently our laboratory is engaged with the investigation of the physical properties underlying retrovirus replication, and the role of the mammalian tectorial membrane in hearing micromechanics. In addition, we have developed a time-resolved atomic force microscope with unparalleled combination of lateral and temporal resolutions. This novel microscope allows us to study, for the first time, the dynamic properties of the mammalian tectorial membrane during physiological relevant motion.

       In our research we use atomic force microscopy (AFM), fluorescence and electron microscopy, as well as techniques such as nano-indentation and fluorescence recovery after photobleaching spectroscopy (FRAPS).  We also apply a novel methodology, which we developed, to obtain time-resolved atomic force microscopy images with microsecond temporal resolution.
Nanomechanics of biological complexes
Itay Rousso, Department of Physiology and cell biology, Ben-Gurion University
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